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One of our goals has always been to give back more to the community. After our Santa Squad 2022 event...we discovered that the need doesn’t end with the holidays.

The system has little exit strategy aside from subsidized housing. When these “kids” (and they are still kids at this point) age out of the system they are immediately expected to be adults. It’s difficult enough to be a young adult these days, and these kids have often been through so much that they need more support, not less.

If part of your New Year's resolutions includes decluttering, think about boxing up any of the items on our DONATE page and sending them our way. We will sort, store and put together a "Transition Kit" for when the time comes for these young adults to start their new lives.

Much Love & Happy New Year~



This was our 2nd successful year!


We had a humbling outpouring of kindness and generosity as part of our "adopting" five group-home young men for Christmas despite so many people being sick including the guys and their staff.

The "Fab Five" received everything from much-needed clothing to snacks, razors, new towels, pillows, blankets and comforters.


Our Facebook Group rallied and never ceased to amaze us. Dozens of gifts from socks, shampoos, cocoa, hats, gloves, pajamas and gift cards. 

We can do so many great things locally, right in our own backyard.


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