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  • Sheri Dudra

How do we know where strands of our lives are interwoven?

Call it fate, call it what you will but...Kismet is just the desire of fate to be understood as part of our lives, rather than the unexplainable randomness it often seems.

A text came through earlier today from a previous donor who let me know that he would be dropping off "a tote full of hotel towels". Immediately, I messaged "our" guy's clinician to ask if they were needed.

"Definitely! We just gave our last one out last night". Thank you Mark and Susan for the most serendipitous, needed towels!

In addition, we were also able to provide a laundry bin and liners. Another thank you go out to Christy P.

Moving forward. we are partnering with another local NPO that uses all kinds of linens when we have extra to go around 🙂

Here's to a successful 2024 and providing to our neighbors in need!

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