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  • Sheri Dudra

Make it a Habit to Tell People Thank You

The past few weeks have been met with an enormous amount of frustration...frustration with a lack of motivation, an overflowing, unorganized basement full of half-sorted donation boxes, and an overwhelming desire to strip down life and concentrate on building this project into a focused, developed organization.

A shortage of funds is always a challenge for any nonprofit while a lack of space is my personal nemesis...the opposite of's downright exasperating.

One of the original goals I had in mind for this year was warehouse space.

I had visions of shelves of nicely sorted bins, boxed Transition Kits waiting to help create a first-ever home, space enough where I can say "yes" to furniture that's been proffered instead of "I'm sorry, we don't have the room yet".

But, like a lot of things...there's no funds, no space...only a shoestring budget, a heart in the right place, and the inspiration to help make a difference.

...and then *this* arrives...

I don't have the faintest idea who this person is, or how they found the website...only that it gave me a sorely needed shot of adrenaline. It was enough to fan the spark that led to the creation of this project.

Thank you, Donor!

It's not how much we give, it's how much Love we put into giving. <3

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