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  • Sheri Dudra

Growing Pains

Summer is winding down and we are feeling thin and spindly. We had one (sigh) young client move out armed with a boxload of household goods that our local community generously donated.

Now what?

We've reached out to various agencies, non-profits, and government alike to see if we can build up our waitlist but communications fall on deaf takers. We can only wait for our one existing caseworker to let us know when a subsidized apartment has opened up for us to help.

We still have no space for the items we currently have let alone a budget. Asking for more donations may just set off a small avalanche of boxes in our storeroom aka basement...but still we wait. And still, we hope...

When do you know your fundraising initiative is screwed? will fail? is dead?

When the circle around the table brainstorms

And one person not you because you have seen this death before

many times

says to everyone in an exasperated yet hopeful voice

Does anyone know George Lucas?

(credit:Stephen Labounty)

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